King of Prussia Beerfest Royale


Actually, it’s two words, beer and food. Hold it. No. Wait. That’s not right, it’s three words: Beer, food and free swinging’, 5 piece horn section havin’, down in the bayou funk-a-fyin’, soul savin’, high fivin’, all the way live – MUSIC!

Okay, that’s actually about 25 words, but the point is, you wanna be there when it happens.

This is one helluva beerfest that they put together every year out in KoP. They set up a bunch of tents in the mall parking lot and serve up some of the finest food and beer beverage in the land. Our job is to try and get people to look up from these very excellent provisions, and take notice of the undeniably diggable sounds tumbling off of the bandstand. And they do tumble.

Come out and enjoy the good life!

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