Theatre N

1007 N Orange Street,
Wilmington DE, 19801
Thursday, November 30th

7:00pm to 9:00pm

This should give everyone ample time to plan their post turkey day outings. We’re really excited to play.


Okay this is a big one. HJO is gearing up for a huge November showcase at Theatre N in Wilmington Delaware.

Theatre N is an arthouse showing films with state-of-the-art projection equipment. As Wilmington’s only arthouse, they show films every weekend and turn things up a notch by offereing beer and wine.

In addition to fancy art films, they also include a schedule of live music and comedy. In our case, they have invited us to play their Thursday Showcase.

Behold the dark and mysterious Theatre N. Just imagine, if you will, this stage packed with the Hoppin’ John Orchestra. Rhythm section cookin’, horns making magic and Chelsea telling you what.

Please note: Technically, this is actually the 5th Thursday. I guess the Thanksgiving holiday made for a few work-arounds regarding the date.